Diagnostic and Treatment center


Our Diagnostic and Treatment Center is headed by the honored doctor of Ukraine – Yurii Kokhan.

The high level of training of specialists is confirmed by the license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

You can get a variety of procedures in our Health Care Center, the like of:

Pressure therapy is a specific massage with compressed air that affects the human lymphocyte system and brings the entire body into a healthy tone.

Magnetic therapy is a relatively new direction in physical therapy, based on the effect of a low-frequency magnetic field on the affected area or the entire body as a whole. In this case, the body’s tissues are not magnetized, but magnetic properties are transmitted to certain components of the body (lymph, blood).

Carboxytherapy is a multifunctional procedure that includes 72-hour hydration and intensive saturation of the skin with trace substances and oxygen. Carboxytherapy increases blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, and helps remove the remnants of vital activity of skin cells.

High-tone therapy using the HiToP-2 Toch device is used to treat joints, namely: osteoarthritis, arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis), relieves shoulder pain, back pain, lower back pain, helps in reducing pain after injury or surgery, relieves headaches (migraines) and treats ulcers and open wounds.

Also, in our Health Care Center you can try different types of massages, inhalations, d’Arsonval, hydrolaser irrigation of gums, phyto-bathes, visiting the salt cave.

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